Congratulations on your decision for membership in the International Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (IAWEP)! This page is designed to give you some of the highlights of  IAWEP member’s benefits. We provide our members with exclusive benefits that are not available anywhere else.

International Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (IAWEP) was created with you in mind.  There are 3 levels of membership which will give you as much information and connection to grow a profitable and scalable business as you desire.

Level One is for the professional woman who may be just getting started or who have  limited resources to immerse herself in the community.  In your level one membership you will receive education, training and access to various businesses through the monthly conference call and our resource directory.  This will become an invaluable tool to help you grow your business.  Gone are the days when you find yourself scrambling to find a great quality and professional service provider. IAWEP have some of the best graphic designers, copywriters, web developers and business coaches (to name a few) in our community.

Members who wish to start a business or need advice on an existing business will be able to network through the membership and potentially find an expert in that area which can provide advice to help you achieve your business objectives. These professionals are willing and able to help you grow your business and are accessible through your resource directory. This type of advice and personal help from experts is priceless!

Level Two is for the woman entrepreneur or professional who is ready to take her business to the next level however, she needs the additional support, guidance and community to really accelerate her growth.  This is support like you’ve always dreamed of but didn’t believe was available.  Not only will you receive the monthly training, access to the resource directory but you will also have access to expert interview calls, accountability partners, workshops, live events, retreats and discussion forums.  This is your community and you will find everything you need to grow, give and gain within IAWEP.


Level Three is for the woman entrepreneur who is ready to step into her role as a leader and change agent.  This is for someone who has a calling to give back and make a difference within our community.  It is for the special woman who wishes to mentor other entrepreneurs and professionals.  This critical role is essential in helping our entrepreneurs avoid the traps or mistakes that many may encounter without your guidance and support.  You know the old saying “Hindsight being 20/20″.  Level Three members have a desire to give back and become the “hindsight” for our amazing women entrepreneurs.  You have the ability to lead quite frankly because you have been there and done that.  And you know what it takes to successfully grow, maintain and lead a profitable business.

The other benefit of being selected as a Level Three member is to receive access to top-level women entrepreneurs and professionals within our community.  There is a statistic which states that our income is directly proportion to the five people we most spend our time with.  This means that if you really want to grow your business to new levels you probably want to hang out with someone at a greater level than you are currently residing at.  These elite women entrepreneurs will provoke and challenge you to grow and learn. Iron sharpens iron.  The goal for Level Three members is to challenge one another as you give back to our community.

Level Three membership is by application only.  It is truly our desire that we have the right mentors in our community.  Women who truly have a heart to give back and are coming from a place of service not She-Go (also known as Ego).

Level Three members benefits include everything included in Level One and Two as well as exclusive private retreats design specifically to support, nurture and pour back into you.  This is our way of saying thank you for being such amazing leaders in our community.

Some of training includes (but not limited to):

– How to build a world class team

– Leveraging your time through outsourcing

– Product creation

– List Building Secrets

– Social Media Success Strategies

– How to close the deal

– Lead generation strategies

– Steps to getting more done in a day

– Time management and productivity tips

– How to build a online community/tribe

– World class marketing tips

– How to balance your work and your life

– and much, much more!!!

All this information is available for free to members. Membership can virtually save you thousands of dollars and huge amounts of time if you were to try to find this information on your own and purchase it. That’s IF this information was even available. Most of what is available in the member only online library cannot be found anywhere else. It is exclusive to IAWEP members. Up until now most of this information could only be access by investing in some high level mastermind groups which quite frankly the average woman professional or entrepreneur could not afford to join.

Having this information could quickly and completely revolutionize your financial, emotional, and physical life.

To learn more about the various levels:


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