International Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (IAWEP) understand that the last thing you want is to take time from your busy schedule to attend just another event that really adds no value. Long gone are the days of the rubber chicken lunches and the throwing of business cards at someone who would not be your ideal client.

Let me introduce you to networking like you never experience before.  Networking with a purpose…where you walk out of the event feeling like you actually know how the help those you have met but more importantly where you feel listened, supported and encouraged.

Our events are held quarterly all over the country in amazing locations where you will play your way to success.  Who said that you can have fun building a profitable business.  Not only will you build lasting business partners within International Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (IAWEP) but it is our hope that you will build life-long friendships as well.

Have you ever wondered why men have such amazing business networks?  I believe it is because they understand that business is rarely exchanged solely at networking events.  We know the old saying…People do business with those that they like, know and trust.  If that is the case, how can you get to know someone in a luncheon where you don’t have time to network?  Thus our dilemma.

Can you imagine how much you could accomplish if you were able to connect with your liked-minded women entrepreneurs and professionals in a deeper and more meaningful way?  Your wish was our command. The type of events you will experience will not only help you to make those deeper connections but it will give you the needed time away to actually work ON your business versus IN your business.

Our VIP Experience Events Includes:

  • Business Building Workshops
  • Transformational Seminars
  • Wine Tasting Tours
  • Exotic Cruises
  • Luxurious Spas/Retreats
  • High-Level Masterminds
  • And much, much more!!!

More to come but just know that we are going to be a blast.




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