Commitment is the #1 Key to Success!

It is a new year and everyone is buzzing and excited about what is possible.  I know you have probably notice everyone sharing their hopes, dreams and aspirations and come February 1, you will find that most people will revert back to the person of old.  Why is that?  This is a question that I have been studying for the past 15 years.  What makes people not change when they have a desire to be a different person?

What keeps people in the old patterns that don’t serve them?

This post is simply to share my observation and one of the key things that stop you dead in your tracks from actually creating a life of your dreams.

It is commitment…

You may be thinking, “Really, Rae?”.  I say “Absolutely, 100% YES!”

Commitment is to bind as by a promise; to pledge.  And yet you probably find yourself taking your commitments very lightly. For instance, you may tell someone that you are going to do something and another opportunity comes up and you have to cancel your commitment.  You tell yourself that you are going to start exercising, eating right, making those sales calls and when the time comes you decide to do something else.

As an entrepreneur, it may seem like an easy thing to do since you are the Master of your Ship, right?

However, what you may not be aware of is that every time you don’t honor your commitment it is telling your brain on a subconscious level that you are not to be TRUSTED.  Am I being over-dramatic?  I don’t think so, what I am doing is challenging you to stand firm in your commitment because I know the power you have when you do.

When you honor your commitments you actually are building and increasing your self-esteem and when you don’t you are eroding your self-esteem.

This is the reason why you may find yourself falling back into old patterns because you have consistently dis-honored yourself by not keeping your commitments.

What’s the answer…either it is YES or NO.  There is no MAYBE.  Meaning if someone ask you to do something, you reply either YES or NO! If you decide to do something than as Nike says “Just Do It!”   If you truly feel like you are not able to do it “Don’t Commit!”

Back in the days of old, they had a saying “Your word is your bond.”  Make a conscious effort to live by that code and you will find your esteem growing, your relationships flourishing and your bank account expanding.

To your success!


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  1. Jannie V. Bird
    5 years ago

    Healthy self-esteem means feeling good about yourself… When you have high self-esteem, you create energy in your life to make things happen.

  2. Diann Foreman
    5 years ago

    So I will conclude with one last observation. In an interview given to a journalist, one of the researchers (Roy F. Baumeister), explaining his opposition to the goal of raising people’s self-esteem, is quoted as saying: “Ask yourself: If everybody were 50 percent more conceited, would the world be a better place?” [1] The implication is clearly that self-esteem and conceit are the same thing – both undesirable. Webster defines conceit as an exaggerated [therefore in defiance of facts] opinion of oneself and one’s merits. No, the world would not be a better place if everybody were 50 percent more conceited. But would the world be a better place if everybody had earned a 50 percent higher level of self-esteem, by living consciously, responsibly, and with integrity? Yes, it would – enormously.

  3. When you accept who you are and believe in yourself, no one can make you feel “less” again. Achieving, maintaining and growing your self esteem require at least initially, conscious and deliberate daily effort. Applying these principles leads to self discovery and through this, positive changes in your life. These changes can be gradual, so don’t rush, savour the journey. As the old adage goes “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One bite at a time” This attitude allows for small steps to be taken which lead steadily towards positive Self esteem assessment of your progress.

  4. Alfreda D. Dale
    5 years ago

    There is always a reason behind the shyness, the awkwardness and the low opinion of yourself. These are substantially hard feelings that have rooted themselves in your mind and are stopping you from being the best that you can be. No one was born with low self esteem . It’s very important to determine where these feelings come from, so that you can fight them and start to believe in yourself.

  5. Norbert P. Rhodes
    4 years ago

    The very fact that you are looking at some information on improving low self-esteem says that you understand that you need to do something about the way you see yourself. Here are some simple tips that you must believe in, for them to work for you, and to help improve your self-esteem.

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