• being part of a community that is committed to helping you grow personally and professionally.
  • being able to learned from the top leading women experts in the industry.
  • building relationships with like-minded women entrepreneurs and professionals all over the world.
  • having access to cutting edge resources to help you grow your business.

If you are excited by this vision than you are the woman entrepreneur that this association was created for.  International Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (IAWEP) is an organization established for the professional woman who wants to take her business to the next level.  The woman entrepreneur committed to getting her gift out into the world and making a difference.  It is also for the woman who has been doing it on her own with little support but would enjoyed the journey more if she had like-minded women encourage, championing and supporting her..
Are you the best kept secret?
IAWEP was created because of the need we saw in the marketplace?  What need? Simply put…we saw amazing women entrepreneurs with a dream to build a successful business. Sadly, these professional women were struggling to generate new business, struggling to get new clients, struggling to take their business to the next level and frustrated because they feel like they don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to really grow.  Can you relate? The other thing that I noticed especially in my industry of speakers, trainers and coaches.  Many of you are darn good at what you do but you struggle and find it difficult to STAND  out from the competition. As a matter of fact you may be noticing that you are starting to sound like white noise in an over-saturated marketplace.  Or worst, you may feel like you are the world’s best kept secret and you just can’t seem to get you message out to your audience, your tribe, and your people.

Are You the World’s Best-Kept Secret?

Do it feel like I am talking to you? If so, what is even more disheartening is the fact that YOU are their solution.  Your tribe is waiting for YOU and only YOU can helped them.  What am I talking about?  I have this belief that we are all born with an assignment to fulfill while this journey called Life.  Your mission and your assignment is unique and individual to YOU and thus only YOU can fulfill it.  Saying that your message is for your audience.  The fact of the matter is I can speak to your audience but you are the answer to their prayers and they are suffering because you are their solution and they can’t find you. The desire of International Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals is to create a platform, so you can step into the spotlight and your audience, your tribe and your people can see you.  Not only will they be able to find you but more importantly they will have the access that they need to grow both personally and professionally.

Do you feel like you are doing it all by yourself?
Imagine a group specifically designed to educate, empower and inspire YOU!  What I have learned is that being an entrepreneur can be lonely.  When I first started my first business I did it all by myself.  I didn’t have any support and there was no one in my corner who believed in me. Many of you may be just like I was…no one who believes in your vision.  I want to assure you that you are not alone.  IAWEP is here and committed to give you the guidance and the support that is necessary to help you grow a profitable business. As women we are known to wear an “S” on our chest.  We have the cape flowing and it can appear that we got it all handle. But the question I have to ask you is:

  • Where do you go when you need to unplug?
  • Where do you go when you need to take the cape off and rest?
  • Where do you go where you feel it is a safe place and you can be totally transparent and authentic?
  • Do you have a community where you can be you without fear of being judge?
  • Do you have a community where you are celebrated, championed and encouraged?

Get Started Now…Level One Membership is Absolutely FREE
You have found that place – IAWEP is for the heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in their world and share their gift.  Our Level 1 Membership is absolutely FREE.  To get started simply click on the SIGN UP now button.    Once you sign up you will receive instant access to our membership site.   This is the support that I’ve always dreamed of and I am excited to be part of such an amazing organization.     Also don’t forget to sign up for your Free Jumpstart Your Business Audio Training  this is our gift to you our way of saying “thank you” for stopping by and visiting our site. Feel free to like our Facebook page and share the love with your community.


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